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PHPMaker 2024.5.0.0 Crack + License Code Free Download [Latest]

PHPMaker 2024.5.0.0 Crack + Activation Code Free Download

PHPMaker Crack is a valuable automation tool that can quickly generate a complete PHP set from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and SQLite databases. Using PHPMaker, you can instantly create websites that permit users to view, edit, seek, add, and delete data on the internet. PHPMaker Crack is designed for extreme flexibility; numerous alternatives enable you to generate PHP packages that pleasant fit your needs. The generated codes are easy, straightforward, and smooth to customize.

PHPMaker Crack

PHPMaker License Code will let you quickly create a website that allows visitors to view, modify, search, and add or remove entries from the database as they see fit. Using PHPMaker, you’ll be able to customize PHP apps to fit your specific requirements using a variety of software alternatives. The produced codes are well-structured, easy to understand, and have a small file size. Linux / Unix servers and Windows workstations may run the generated scripts (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, MSSQL, and Oracle).

PHPMaker 2024.5.0.0 Crack + License Code Full Download

PHPMaker Key is a significant improvement over the previous one. It has many new features, many of which have been much sought. PHPMaker is the most flexible and powerful software, as simple to use as ever. As a result of PHP’s ability to quickly integrate scripts into HTML codes, it is a popular scripting language for server-side web development. On the other hand, using it manually results in vast and complicated tasks. Using PHPMaker’s numerous features, you may create various PHP apps for your projects.

This is easy enough for people of all skill levels willing to put in the time. Among the many new features in PHPMaker’s latest major update is the Grid-Change functionality, which lets you edit several records on the List page simultaneously. Using PHPmaker, you may generate PHP code from MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL databases. is a highly professional automation tool for this purpose.

PHPMaker 2024.5.0.0 Crack + Activation Code Free Download

Using PHPMaker License Key, you can quickly and easily develop dynamic websites with PHP forms and databases. The redesigned list page, speedier script engine, and other improvements are all included in this release. You may use it to build PHP websites that let people quickly see and manage records online. Many database engines are supported, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Oracle. With the tool’s extensive functionality, you may change any aspect of your feature web design projects.

Sample Image:

PHPMaker 2024.5.0.0 Crack + License Code Free Download [Latest]

One of the standout features of I is its intuitive user interface. Even beginners can quickly grasp the tool’s functionality and start generating PHP code without a steep learning curve. This user-friendly approach is a game-changer for developers of all levels.

PHPMaker Crack allows developers to customize the generated code easily. This flexibility ensures that your web application aligns perfectly with your project’s unique requirements. You can add custom functions, modify templates, and tweak the generated code to match your vision.

Key Features Of PHPMaker 2024.5.0.0 Crack:

  • Enhanced code generation security.
  • Create a method for registering new users on your website.
  • Capture CSV, HTML, Excel, Word, XML, PDF, and Email output.
  • Define the file upload mechanism for a certain database or folder throughout the process.
  • A great degree of customizability in templates and plugins.
  • The ability to connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle databases.
  • LESS capability to work with stylesheets in CSS.
  • Project and database synchronization.
  • PHP does server-side validation, while Java-Script performs user-side validation.
  • Case and MD5 codes are both delicate.
  • The panel for searching is collapsed in this mode.
  • Options for Export to E-mail and Show/Hide Option Dialog
  • A vertical drop-down menu has been included as well.
  • Everything from the script on will be the same.
  • Options for adding, copying, deleting, and editing text inline.
  • Before importing or changing records, the pages are put together.
  • In the list of pages, jog your memory.
  • Editing skills in any subject, including modifying and editing formats.
  • JavaScript validation on the client side.
  • Various options for doing a search
  • Protection of information from illegal access using a professional user ID and security measures
  • A user registration system is entire, including the possibility of activating individual users.
  • Preview HTML settings like fonts, CSS, colors, and HTML tables.
  • There are several PHP configurations to choose from.
  • Project files can be saved and restored.
  • Changes to databases should be reflected in project settings.
  • IIS will automatically create virtual folders for you.
  • Display that may be adjusted and has a built-in image-maker called Query.
    Reporting at its most basic.
  • The output format might be HTML/Word/Excel/CSV/XM/XML.
  • Sorting by more than one column.
  • Decide on the paper’s size.
  • Add files to databases and directories.
  • Loading tables that change dynamically.
  • Rows can be any color, and light can be any shade.
  • Text auto-suggest and auto-fill are two useful features.
  • Auto-login and re-direction functions.
  • Users can register with It, a forward-looking security initiative.
  • It’s a custom template program that moves files across databases or directories.
  • I easily’s data dictionary feature allows you to modify or alter the names of your tables, fields, and massage.
  • Your versions are controlled, the change history is maintained, and you may produce new versions
  • of your charts that include the scrip scenario.
  • Your applications and scripts will benefit from Its forward development environment.
  • Complete user registration system with optional user activation, password expiration, unsuccessful
  • logins, and management of concurrent login
  • Using the integrated visual query builder, you can create, modify, and drop database views.
  • Multiple displays and parent/filter fields in a dynamic selection list (SELECT, RADIO, and CHECKBOX)
  • A table with scrolling capabilities on the List page


  1. Is PHPMaker suitable for beginners?
    Absolutely! PHPMaker’s intuitive user interface makes it accessible to developers of all skill levels.
  2.  Can I customize the code generated by?
    Yes, PHPMaker offers code customization options, allowing you to tailor the code to your project’s specific requirements.
  3.  Is PHPMaker secure for building web applications?
    Yes, PHPMaker integrates robust security features, including role-based access control and user authentication, to ensure the security of your web applications.
  4. Which databases does PHPMaker support?
    supports a wide range of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and more.
  5. How can enhance productivity?
    automates repetitive tasks, freeing up developers to focus on more critical aspects of their projects, thereby increasing productivity.

What’s New in PHPMaker 2024.5.0.0 Crack?

  • Use Bootstrap Toast message
  • Use Bootstrap responsive tables
  • Responsive table class
  • AdminLTE layout class
  • Use Font Awesome v4 shims
  • Embed PDF documents
  • Use URL rewrite
  • Use views
  • Web root-relative path
  • Requires PHP >= 5.6
  • Import reports from the PHP Report Maker project to the project
  • Bootstrap 4 and AdminLTE 3 updated

System Requirements

  • Server 2008/2012/2016 (32- or 64-bit – all versions) and Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • an adequate-speed computer
  • Free hard drive space of 50 MB.
  • MS SQL Server 2000/2003/2008/2008 Express Edition (s)

Serial Keys:




Product Keys:




PHPMaker 2024.5.0.0 Crack + License Code Free Download [Latest]

How To Install?

  • To begin, get PHPMaker 2024 Crack from the link provided below.
  • Play the entire thing when you’ve extracted it.
  • is the password to the archive.
  • Now Install it wherever you want.
  • Next, open Keygen Exe and execute it.
  • Here, select the Active file by pressing the appropriate button.
  • Let the patching procedure play out.
  • Done in its entirety!


In conclusion, PHPMaker is a game-changing tool for web developers, offering a seamless and efficient way to create PHP web applications. Its user-friendly interface, code customization options, security features, and support for various databases make it a top choice in the industry. With PHPMaker, developers can save time, boost productivity, and create scalable, secure, and responsive web applications.

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